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11/10/2010 03:37:52 am


Jermaine D. Boldon
11/10/2010 07:13:03 am

Ivan look on the websites!now!

11/11/2010 06:32:14 am

on research help,world war one,the 5th website

iavan castillo
11/11/2010 07:14:06 am

sorry i'm late i lost track of time

ivan castillo
11/11/2010 07:15:16 am

sorry i'm late i last track of time

ivan c.
11/11/2010 07:26:44 am

if u look @ the pics.and tgeir in brown only

ivan c.
11/11/2010 07:39:32 am

and black and wite

ivan c.
11/12/2010 08:51:34 am

what hapen to 4:30 ho and i was late becuace my mom took my to her new day care

11/12/2010 08:54:48 am

sorry i was on the road i'll check which pictures we'll use

ivan c.
11/12/2010 09:02:38 am

i'm about to send mrs.astin a pic. of an open gernade

ivan c.
11/12/2010 09:11:48 am

fist check google for WW1 iteams

ivan c.
11/12/2010 09:20:08 am

dude come back at 1:00 or 2 or 3

ivan c.
11/12/2010 09:21:55 am

dude come back @ 1:00 or 2:00 or 3:00

ivan c.
11/12/2010 10:27:36 am

we might need to use the back of the board if that's ok with you mrs. austin

ivan c.
11/12/2010 11:20:23 pm

jermain i have a bunch of pics

11/15/2010 06:55:15 am

are you their jermaine

guadalupe gonzales
11/15/2010 07:38:53 am

ms.austin can we use like the word pics instead of pictures becuase "pictures"
dont fit in the little space of the tri folder

11/16/2010 07:19:46 am

bring the tri-fold TOMORROW

ivan c.
11/16/2010 09:01:33 am

sir yes sir

ivan c.
11/17/2010 06:57:18 am

are you goning to cut out the pics. today jermain

11/26/2010 07:26:55 am

hmmm i like d-day

11/26/2010 07:28:43 am

I first started with WWII but i ended up with D-Day D:< umm yeah

ivan c.
11/28/2010 06:32:26 am

jermain please find the copy of the time line so I can copy it oh and i'm going to reserch the cuase and efects of of world war one

11/29/2010 04:47:42 am


J E R M A I N E &gt;=(
12/1/2010 07:39:05 am

i am about to look up the before @nd @fter pix

12/1/2010 07:56:53 am

i found @ m@in ide@ for world w@r one!!!!=) =) =)

12/2/2010 07:42:37 am

hi! do we place pictures in the concequence side?

Mrs Austin
12/2/2010 08:10:25 am

Yes, pictures should make up the bulk of the board.

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