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Helpful Hints for your Exhibit Board

Here is a suggested layout. Yours does not have to be exactly like this, be creative! But make sure all requirements are included.
Requirements (non competition):
  1. At least 5 sources
  2. Bibliography (A list of the sources (websites, books, magazines) you used for research)
  3. Quality Photos (Make sure they start out big. Don't just make them bigger; they won't look very good.)
  4. A good title and subtitle (Example: Helicopters: Propelling the Army to the Future)
  5. A Main Idea or thesis statement
  6. Timeline
  7. The side of your Tri-fold board should include sections on both the history
  8. Try to keep your exhibit board to under 500 words. Remember, an exhibit board is a VISUAL story of your project, not a giant essay.

  • Bibliography
  • Exhibit Board (Neatness and Creativity)
  • Exhibit Board (Information and Accuracy)

Those students that wish to compete (All GT/ Accelerated Students):
  • You must include at least 10-15 sources
  • Annotated bibliography- This is like your basic bibliography except that after you list each source you must include a brief summary (1-2 sentences) of how each source was useful in researching your topic.
  • You must write a 200-250 word (about 1/2 page- typed) paragraph describing your project. Here is an outline to follow:
  1. First section should explain how you chose your topic.
  2. Second section should explain how you conducted your research.
  3. Third section should explain how you created your project.
  4. Fourth section should explain how your project relates to the theme "Debate and Diplomacy in History"

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Process Paper
  • Exhibit Board (Neatness and Creativity)
  • Exhibit Board (Information and Accuracy)