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Interview with an Expert

Dear Dr. Pappas,

As part of our Social Studies class, we are involved in the National History Day competition.  This is a competition in which students from across the country research topics related to a given theme.  This year’s theme is “Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures and Consequences.” We are now competing at the regional level after winning first place in two preliminary rounds.

The subject we have chosen to research involves the Iranian Hostage Crisis. We plan to focus on the diplomatic consequences the event had on US/Middle East and US/ Iranian relations.We are creating a website for the entry. You can view what we have so far here:

Any information you could supply would be of great help to us.  We have enclosed a questionnaire containing points of special interest to us.  Any additional information or contacts would definitely be appreciated.

Our group has specific deadlines which we must meet, so please respond to us as soon as possible.

Thanks you for your time and assistance

Angel Tirado and Bryant Acosta, Students
Escamilla Intermediate, Aldine ISD
Meredith Miller Austin, Teacher-Sponsor