Mrs. Austin's History Fair Site

Important Dates

October 13
Signed History Fair Contract Due
Turn in topic selection for teacher approval– daily grade

October 27
Timeline Due
  • First Research Check (1/2) – daily grade.  Students must be able to show 4 to 7 annotated sources: must be a variety – not all books, or all websites.  Students must be able to show written notes from their sources.

November 3
First half (250 word) of Process Paper typed
  • Exhibit Board Due.  May be made of poster board or similar material.  Refer to your guidelines to make sure dimensions are correct – it must stand on its own weight.

November 10
  • Second Research Check (3/3) – daily grade x2.  Must have a completed, typed, bibliography.  You should have 15 sources of various types – at least 5 Primary and Secondary.  All illustrations (pictures, graphs, or timelines) should be collected at this time and printed with a description.

December 2
  • First Submission Due – You will present your project to the class for a daily grade x2.  If your project is not ready on this date, no grade will be recorded.

December 6/7
  • Second and Final Submission Due – Because of contest deadlines, no projects will be accepted after this date.  Projects will be set up by students in the Library (LMC).

December 8-10
Campus History Fair – judging will be completed on all accepted projects.

February 4/5
District History Fair at Grantham Middle

March 4/5
Regional History Fair at Aldine Middle

May 7/8
State History Fair in Austin (at Bob Bullock Museum)

June 12-17
National History Fair in Washington D.C. (Univ. of Maryland)


PLEASE note that most of the work and research will be done OUTSIDE of school, and will involve some monetary cost as the school does not provide materials.